My traineeship was worthwhile to a fairly large extent. However, mine was a volunteer development traineeship and so my answer is quite different in nature to that which you're likely to receive from a management trainee. You can probably recall, I worked at TEGV the educational NGO.

The traineeship was quite well organized. Yet I received little information prior to my arrival about what I'd be doing, where, how and whether I'd need to prepare. The work was enjoyable, the people very hospitable yet the actual work was a little unstructured and I was certainly not given much opportunity to truly benefit from the experience by working with responsibilities etc. But as a Development traineeship it went fairly well.

From an accommodation point of view it was very good. My host family was very generous and hospitable, yet alarm was raised when it was revealed that AIESEC had not contract with the family protecting the trainee.

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