The founder of Citiport, Han, in DEMO

Get Travel Advice From Locals would have come in pretty handy when I was trying to plan my weekend in San Francisco. The newly launched site from Taiwan aims to bridge the gap between travel sites like and local rating sites like Yelp.

CitiPort lets you rate and recommend sites, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops in your own city and then find the same types of must-sees as a tourist. Travelers can map out their day by finding things within walking distance to other points of interest. It seems like asking locals what I should do in a foreign city would be more effective than simply hoping good results pop up on a Google search.

It seems like a good idea, especially since online consumer travel sales is such a rapidly growing business. But it has competition from more-established sites like TripAdvisor and 43places. And as of right now, CitiPort includes only about 100 cities, which seems a bit limited. But as it grows, it may give users more confidence in the ratings.
By Kim Hart from WashingtonPost


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