The plan of  traineeship

Part one: What I should prepare for

1.      Culture台灣文化

-Contents: Hakka, Puppet shows, Night market, Delicious food, Taipei 101, C.K.S memorial hall,  Jade Mountain , National palace museum.

-Where to get: AIESEC, Tourism Bureau, friends, MRT, Internet, Local government

-useful website and resource:

Pili puppet shows:

tourism bureau:

Go to the office and tell them what we need

Hsinchu county government: Mr. Lee

NCTU arts center

2.      Teaching
-My material of teaching: festivals, website, photos, current materials, puzzle, cross word, word search, song, 

-Ask Steve, Ying and Zenting

3.      Visa and airplane tickets

-require the invitation letter and TNAN.

office: REPRESENTATIVE MR. UMUT ARIK (02)2757-7318 

-Check the airplane tickets website

1.    Eztravel on-line 
2. EzFly on-line
3.  Lion Travel
4. Zuji 
5. Web ticket
6.   學生青年旅遊網
7.    Ryan Airline
8. Virgin Express
9. Easy Jet

4.      Turkish data

-History, culture, map, Turkish language, group

-Turkish friend: Ilter

-The SN back from  :

TPLC Jade:

TPLC Mymars:

CHLC Sherry:

5.      Ability

-learn how to make” pearl milk tea”

-learn how to cook some delicious food

-learn how to write the calligraphy

-learn how to play “Big” yo-yo

6. Travel

         -learn how to handle the urgent situation by asking the former SN and Turkish people

         -learn simple Turkish language

         -carry the tour guide book

         -Carry my package and a secret package to put my valuable stuffs inside.

         -Carry a notebook to record anything fresh


         -My TN manager, Ipek and my buddy, Bahar

         -Two Chinese will go to Turkey Istanbul, too

         -China TsingHua LCP will be a ceeder there.

         -My Turkish friend will come back to his hometown this summer vacation.


         -positive attitude and good reactive ability

         -collect the past data and record other people’s experience.

9.European Culture

         -Search for the information of  Europe

         -Wiki encyclopedia

         -The CEO of D-link, JC’s interview

Part two: What I have now

International student card, camera, cell phone, keyboard, passport, the ppt of culture, the reception ppt of Turkey Istanbul, tour guide book


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