Kobe is known as a city having a unique style with the exotic atmosphere in Japan, which has been affected by the foreign cultures and flourished as the international port since old days.
Also it boasts the Rokko Mountains richly endowed with nature and has flourished as the hot spring street such as Arima since old days. Arima has plenty places of see which convey good old days in Japan and Kobe is positioned as one of the most popular sightseeing cities.(Quoted from FeelKobe)
        I took this photo on the side of Harbor, which has 4 important buildings on the Kobe Harbor. Everyone has its unique meaning. For example, on the left side of picture, it's called Port tower which has 108m high and 360 degree view. The second one is a symbol in the port, but I don't know the real name. The third one is Kobe Maritime Museum. It exhibits the real products such as Shinkansen train, large helicopter or bike, and the robots that do performance. The rightest one is a famous hotel, especially for important visitors.


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