Since I graduated from my senior high school, I have went back to the campus several times and most of them were for prom. This is a traditional culture in HSNU and it is an opportunity for students to develop their creativity and put into practice. The theme every year is very different and juniors hope to surpass their seniors and to make the party more elegant. The feeling is similar this year and the topic is "West Wild".

Yesterday I joined my ninth party. Maybe this is the last HSNU prom during my student life. I looked around juniors. They were happy and crazy, dancing with classmates or friends in the dancing pool. Sometimes they nodded their heads with temple of music, and sometimes they made a big circle to dance inside. Those scenes made me remember my junior high school life and my classmates.

The most important tradition is singing alma mater(school song). Graduating from school many years, I still know how to sing it. How impossible! But it is true. All HSNUers know the melody, even sing the song. Thus, many alumni came back to school yesterday to experience their familiar moment. We sang the song together, dancing and shouting, as if we were all high school students, until 20 times. 

I like my school because there were many good memories. I want to visit my school again because it is the place where cultivate me and make me grow up. Everything is the same but people is different. Hope many HSNU alumni can remember their past life, especially the beautiful stories. No matter where you are, don't forget the spirit of HSNU. We are proud of " Son of Sky".


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