A new year, 2007, is coming.Some people might ask you what your new plan is.Before I answer the question, I'd like to review my last year, 2006, first.

I think I had a totally different life.I graduated from NCTU and went to Turkey within two months. Then, I entered NTU and began a new study TOUR. It seems like a normal student. I have to go
to school and have summer vacation on July and August. However, the most different thing is that I know how to record my life. Writing and photograph are my useful tools. If you are free to visit my blog, then you can find many articles and photos on it. I don't know why I did it. Just a passion encourages me to do those things. I like the feeling of share, because I know Giving is
always happier than receiving. I have such a memorable experience. How come didn't I record them? Therefore, I created my personal blog and uploaded all of my photos on it. Until now it's more than 20000 pictures. How excited! 

Recently, I wrote some articles when I listened to the good speechs. To be honest, It really took a lot of time. I sacrificed my valuable time to write it, because I think it will help other people one day. I also knew that I can't remember it forever. If I wrote it down, maybe I can review it one day.
It sounds interesting, isn't it?

Now is 2007. I wish everyone could fulfill your dream and have a healthy body. My plan and fream is to keep writing more and more useful articles and arrange all of them. I'd like to create a platform like my blog. Everyone can share and learn together. Of course I should pass my final exams at first.^^


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