In general I feel that Taiwanese people are very friendly and willing to help you out in any way that they could. Whenever you need something they are willing to help you get it or they even offer their help when you don’t need anything. They are very proud of their country and especially their foods. For instance, they like to have foreigners taste stinky tofu, bubble milk tea and all the types of night market food. They also love to collect things and think everything is “cute.” They are also very trendy and like to look stylish and cool. Taiwanese people work very hard so sometimes I feel that they don’t really get a chance to enjoy their lives a bit more. 
        Also, sometimes I feel like they don’t really express all of their emotions. For instance, if they are angry they won’t tell you. For me, that is a bit of a problem because if someone is angry I would like to know why and how I can help them with their problem. Overall, Taiwanese people have been very welcoming and nice to me. My parents also expressed how nice they were treated when they visited Taiwan.
Abner Montoya Canada

        Taiwanese in my impression are quite entrepreneurial. I've met many taiwanese are buliding up their own business around the world. Also I see there are many Taiwanese venture companies are leading the business in Taiwan and the world. In addition, I've seen in AIESEC, there are some entrepreneurship projects are going on successfully in Taiwan. That made me have such an impression. Also they are very warm-hearted. The most of Taiwanese I've met so far are very kind regardless the age and sex. Once I get an opportunity, I'd love to visit Taiwan and experience how it really is. I love you. ; ) 
Justin Roh, South Korea 

        For me, I feel that Taiwanese are very modern and always keep themselves up-to-date for the fashion and lifestyle within the young generation. For the older generation, I don't really know about that. I felt some of them very polite but some of them not. 
In another way, I feel that Taiwanese quite "brave" in politic. They can just say whatever or how they feel. I'm not sure is a good thing or not... but it depends to the country's culture too...
YK, Malaysia 

        As a girl born in Mainland China and raised very locally in HK, I didn’t really get a chance to meet Taiwanese people until the AIESEC conference few years ago (when I met Rick and all other Taiwanese buddies: P). and since then I’ve also met other Taiwanese friends and colleagues grown up in the States. My impression on Taiwanese is these people are really friendly and easy going, very international-minded and more importantly eager to know more about Mainland China (e.g. look for opportunities to travel to Mainland, work in Shanghai etc) which I’m really impressed. They are very open-minded to accept differences and similarities between Mainland people and Taiwanese people. To me no matter Mainlanders, Hongkongnese or Taiwanese are all Chinese and the more we understand about each other, the less conflicts there and the stronger Chinese community as a whole. Nothing about politics here, It’s just the pure sense of belongings and friendships. 
Helen, Hong Kong 

        One of my best trips was to Taiwan. And it wasn't because of the scenery, though that was fantastic, but it was because of the people. They were so helpful and friendly, it was really nice. They went out of their way to help me find a hotel when i was lost in Taipei. One couple invited me to lunch and then made sure I got on the right train. I was really overwhelmed by everybody's kindness. 
Stephanie Burkholder, USA

Vs Taiwan 
I have been in Taiwan for 1.5 year, i visited turkey for 10 days , i have the following comments on both nations. 
1- Both have friendly people who like to help all the time, even they don’t have information they will ask other to help. 
2- Both can not speak English very well. 
3-both are hard working, I think Taiwanese are a little bit more. 
4- Both countries have good sceneries, but Taiwan is polluted in the west and north. 
5- Traffic is nice in both, but Taiwan has many scoters with many people on one scoter. 
5- Both they don’t like to follow the traffic rules and traffic lights 
6 - I love Turkish food more than Taiwanese food, but I love Taiwanese fruit more than Turkish fruit. 
7- a lot of cheating and high prices for tourist in turkey. But in Taiwan every thing is normal. 
8- I love the high tech machines and devices in Taiwan , which is very few in turkey. 


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