Kinkaku temple is a popular name. When it comes to the beautiful spots in Kyoto, Kinkaku temple is always the first choice. In the 1220's it was the comfortable villa of Kintsune Saionji. Yoshimitsu, the 3rd Shogun of Ashikaga, abdicated the throne in 1394. After three years, he began to build Kitayamaden and he made a special effort to make it a breath-taking site. After Yoshimitsu's death, Kitayamaden was made into a Zen temple in accordance with his will. All the building of those days came to ruin except Kinkaku.
      When I arrived the Kinkaku temple, it's about 4 o'clock. There are still many tourists. Everyone are attracted of its beauty and solemn atmosphere. I turned on my camera and took so many pictures. I really enjoy what I saw at that moment. Golden color made a reflected image on the lake with blue sky.  Now Kinkaku temple is one of World Cultural Heritage. I strongly recommend to visit here once in your life. ^^


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