On the noon of March 31st, Chalmers Asia office held a special birthday party for both swedish people and Taiwanese. I was invited to join the big celebration. It was really nice there.

At first, the head of office, Jacob, invited our president to deliver a short speech. President Chang appreciated the cooperation and exchange between the Chalmers university and Chiao-Tung university. Those programs helped the two schools know each other better and give the students a good opportunity to open their minds. At the same time, Jacob also presented the Chalmers to say "thanks" to him. After few minutes, the party began. Everyone enjoyed the cake and coffee in the office. 

Actually, this was my second time to celebrate the day in NCTU. That's really wonderful. Although the swedish people were different from their seniors, I still felt the same passions from them. They are all kind and easy-going and like to share. I had ever played the uni-hock with their seniors. It's just like a hockey without skates. Maybe I should play it again before I graduate from here. 

The first time I meet the current swedish people was in the global village held by AIESEC. They just arrived at Taiwan at that time and didn't know much about here. However, they are familiar with the island little by little. They have their own scooters and like to go sightseeing with friends like other Taiwanese. I think it's very unbelievable, especially for foreigners.

In this semester, I have taken the marketing management with one of swedish people, Jacob, and other foreign students come from other countries. We are in the same group and discuss some cases together. This is my first time to take all English-spoken class. It's a little difficult for me to discuss with other people in English. I can't really understand what they mean sometimes. However, I'll still try and practice it. Their is no short cut to learning languages. 

Finally, I'd like to appreciate my swedish friends, Jacob,Håkan,Eric1,Eric2,Hedin,Karolina and Tomas. But for you guys, I can have a great time to get along with foreigners. I learnt a lot form you, including the unique Swedish culture. It's a culture exchange, too. Anyway, hope you can enjoy the life in Taiwan better. Be active, powerful and experience the true life and passions in Taiwan. Keep fresh~~~


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