With the development of technology and transportation, the connections among people become closer and closer. When you open a computer and link to the Internet, you can surf different websites from all over the world and chat with your foreign friends. You can also read international news and check your emails. Thus, the information from other countries will not be lost and delayed in front of you. There is a new noun describing the 21st century, the era of global village. 

        Before we keep talking about our topic today, I would like to ask you a question. What’s the meaning of “International”? To be honest, there are a lot of definitions. Some people say if you study abroad, then you are very international. Some say the person who can speak good English is so-called “international”. Recently, more and more schools promote exchange student program on campus. Some organizations also provide good exchange opportunities for excellent students. If you are not a student, you can also join international volunteer program or become a backpacker to travel abroad. 

        However, why need we exchange? Why need we spend short periods staying abroad? I believe that the most important answer is to know different cultures. There are some points related to the answer as follows. 

        First of all, the exchange people can experience local culture and get along with local people. The best way to know a city is living as though you were them. For example, eating a traditional breakfast could feel the lifestyle in that country. Taking a bus during rush hours could understand the politeness of citizens. Sometimes, we will have stereotypes on different people. Thus, doing a way the locals do will help you to correct more misunderstandings.

        Moreover, you will make friends with other foreign people. They may come from Turkey, Australia, Singapore, Sweden,...and so on. Therefore, you are located in a diverse environment. I went to Istanbul last year through AIESEC exchange program. The multi-culture interactions made me understand that the world is a global village and English is not only one accent. Although we spoke the same language, the pronunciation and language behaviors were different. Through the opportunity, I tasted a bottle of Vodka from Russia and cookies from Greece. Those are special feelings for me. 

        Except for culture understand, there are still many benefits from the exchange program. You may improve your English and refresh your mind. You can also learn foreign people’s thoughts and attitude. Although they are not directly related to your study or scores so far, this invisible knowledge may help you to solve problems in the future. 

        Life is like a long journey. Travel is a way to make your journey more colorful. Exchange program is also a good way to travel around the world. “Take time before time takes you.” Richmond said. I always believe that when the person open his minds, then the world become wider and more colorful. Grasp at anything that may help your dream come true and never give up. You can achieve your goals no matter which ways you choose.


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