Have you ever....
Swallowed down snacks by a small night-market booth in Taipei?
Cat-walked the fancy road of Star Boulevard in Hong Kong?
Lost directions in the labyrinth of hutongs in old districts of Beijing?
Listened to the holy songs from majestic St. Sophia Church in Istanbul?
Got tongue burnt by real hot Jicaletas and Quesadilla in Mexico?

Experienced the epic safari to the Sahara desert in southern Tunisia?
We’ve got a lot to hear, taste and experience in the city of wonders. A traditional restaurant prepares food as delicious as in decades ago; a newly-constructed building symbolizes the growth of a modern city. In between the old and the new elements, you can indeed feel that the glamour of a city goes deep into everybody’s heart.

Citiport is a new website, new platform and new concept. With a combination of local cultures and travelers’ viewpoints in Citiport, a deeper understanding of a country’s uniqueness can be cultivated. We hope o!er a platform of diversities and exchanges, so stories of cities can be discovered and di!erent perspectives can be shared. With the help of these pieces of information, people can discover the real personalities of their home countries and probably plan traveling that suits them best.

Presently joined are a group of locals and travelers who have left their footsteps in not only Kenya, Istanbul, Taipei, Beijing and Hong Kong but also other remote yet interesting corners of the globe. More can be done on this platform apart from sharing tour stories, appreciating culture uniqueness. Each and every topic and picture uploaded is open to discussion and public rating so that the specialty of cities is to be delivered in various means. It’s up to you to discover more.

We feel high honored to invite you to join our Citiport and share stories of your city, your life and your world of dreams and wonders.


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